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9/9/14 – Squat cycle RESULTS

Squat cycle RESULTS

By: Stefan

For those of you who followed our last post about the 8 week squat cycle we did, the results we saw were phenomenal for such a short period of time.

For Nick, here are his lift improvements, starting with his old max before the cycle and his new max after. His body weight is 185lbs.

Squat: 335 to 345

Squat clean: 260 to 265 (with almost getting 275)

Front squat: 255 to 285

Jerk press: 235 to 265

Snatch: 170 to 185

Here are the improvements I made. My body weight is 165lbs (Note: I went after a few other PRs that Nick didn’t try so the list is a little longer)

Squat: 335 to 345

Front squat: 235 to 275

deadlift: 435 to 455

clean: 235 to 245

Snatch: 180 to 195

jerk: 235 to 275

military press: 160 to 170

weighted dip: 165 to 175

weighted pull-up: 140 to 150

Not too shabby for 8 weeks. I think the beauty of the cycle is in its simplicity. 2-3 lifts a day. Our philosophy on becoming a better lifter and athlete can be broken down like this:

For strength, keep your focus on squat, deadlift, overhead presses, and bench press. Use auxiliary exercises like rows, pullups, dips, good mornings, etc. to help increase the major lifts.

When it comes to the expression of power and learning to create, control, and absorb force, master the snatch and clean and jerk.

Use explosive body weight movements like broad jumps, jump squats, muscle ups, box jumps, etc. as supplements to all the lifts listed above. I would also add in kettlebell swings and medicine ball throws/slams/tosses even though these involve more than just your bodyweight.

For conditioning, we like high-volume kettlebell swings, farmer’s walks, prowler sprints, sprints on the concept 2 rower, and high-intensity circuits involving many of the movements already listed.

In terms of how to program these things into your training, please stop in and talk to us or email us with any questions and we will be happy to help. Or better yet schedule a session with us to learn proper technique and implementation of the exercises.

Lift and let lift!