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Summer Soccer Training Options!

Legends of Pittsburgh is offering 3 different training opportunities this summer for soccer players ages 5 through 18! Both field players and goalies.

The first is a 2 month session of our SSS Soccer Program which combines skill work, strength training, and speed work during a 90 minute session. There are options for either 1x a week or 2x a week. This program is for ages 8 to 18 years of age and begins June 18th on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm. Click here to find out more information and to register.

The second option is a camp at Northmoreland Park June 25th-28th, 9am-12pm for ages 5-13, powered by Legends of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Soccer Academy. Please Click here to find out more information or go to PSA’s website to register.

The third and final option is a goalkeepers camp at Legends of Pittsburgh July 16th-19th, 9am-12pm for ages 8-18, powered by GK Icon Pittsburgh. You can click here for more information and to register.

Don’t miss out on your chance to train with the pros and become a better athlete and soccer player!

Meet the Coaches for this Year’s SSS Soccer

Stefan Lundberg

  Former pro player for Pittburgh Riverhounds

  2 Year Captain for Division 1 Duquesne Dukes

  High School and College All-American

  Kiski Area single season record holder for goals at 36

  WPIAL Champion in 400 meter dash

  Kiski Area Sports Hall of Fame inductee

  Owner of Legends of Pittsburgh

  NASM certified, IYCA Speed and Agility and Olympic Weightlifting certified



Nick Lundberg

Duquesne Graduate and former soccer player

ACSM certified personal trainer

CrossFit Level 1 certified

Knee Injury Prevention Specialist certified

Owner of Legends of Pittsburgh



David Flavius

Former pro player for the Pittburgh Riverhounds and national team player for St. Lucia

All-time leading scorer for the Riverhounds during his 8 year career

Ohio Dominican University graduate and 2 time All-American

National Youth License and a FIFA Certificate

12 years of Coaching in PA West





Erik Eisenhut

Owner And Head Trainer Of GK Icon Pittsburgh

Point Park University Women’s Soccer Head Goalkeeper Coach and First Assistant

Goalkeeper coach for PA West ODP and was selected as the 2016/2017 PA West ODP Goalkeeper Coach of the Year

Former Director of Goalkeeping with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Has the Advanced National Soccer Coaches Association Of America National Goalkeeping Coaching Diploma

Played and graduated from Brandeis University




Sergio Kobowane


Played 2 years of professional soccer in South Africa

Degree in Sport and Exercise Science with a focus in Human Performance and Rehab

Functional Movement Screen FMS- Level 1 certification

A four year starter at Gannon University on scholarship

Received Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) team honors

Played for National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) side, Erie Commodores FC




Anthony Cellitti

Master’s Degree in Exercise Science

1st Team all conference wide receiver at IUP

Football, Basketball, Track letterman in high school

Has trained over 30 NFL players including 1st round picks, D1-D3 collegiate athletes, MLB, NHL, NBA, CFL, high school, and tactical/military athletes

National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Performance Enhancement Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

Reflexive Performance Reset Level 1 Certified Coach and National Association of Speed and Explosion – Certified Specialist in Speed and Explosion





Dave Richmond

UEFA ‘B’ License

FA Goalkeeping Level 1 and 2

FA Level 1 and 2 in Psychology

Penn State New Kensington Assistant Coach

Current PA West Director of Pre ODP

Career Highlights – Played in 5 different countries






Mark Duffield

USSF Soccer – National D License

UEFA B License, NSCAA National Diploma, and NSCAA National Goalkeeper License

UEFA C Goalkeeper License

NQV Football (Soccer) and Coaching SAQ Qualified

Penn State New Kensington Head Coach

PA West ODP Staff

Soccer Shots trainer


Find out more about the SSS Soccer program here!


Legends of Pittsburgh Lacrosse Academy

WHEN: November 18 & 19 December 22 Time TBD January 20 & 21 February 17 & 18

WHERE: Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness Center 559 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd, Tarentum, PA 15084

GROUPS AND PRICING: Any age beginner: 2.5 hr (Sat. 3p-530p) – $50 per session or $180 for 4 sessions Grades 6-8 with Experience: 3 hr (Sun 8a-12) -$60 per session or $220 for 4 sessions Grades 9-12: 3 hr (Sat. 530p-830p) -$60 per session or $220 for 4 sessions

CLINIC INFO: This clinic is set in a series of sessions to build on fundamentals, positional concepts, and understanding of the game in preparation for the Spring season.

CONTACT: Caitlin.a.lundberg@gmail.com to sign up or for questions. Participant information card and waiver to follow sign up.


Jill Rekart
– Boston College 2 Time Regional All-American Defender, 4 year starter, Legacy Award Winner, led team to first NCAA appearance in school history; High school Under Armour All American, 1st Team Mid-Atlantic National Team selection, 4 time #1 National Ranking, 4 time MD State and County Champions – Coached at Georgetown Visitation (Ranked Top 10 Nationally), Yorktown High School, and club in DC/VA; 10 years coaching experience

Katie Lundberg
– Duquesne University 4 time 1st Team All Conference Attacker, 4 year starter, Top 5 All Time Leader in Goals and Points; High school Under Armour All American, 2nd Team Mid-Atlantic National Team selection, 4 time #1 National Ranking, 4 time MD State and County Champions – Current Fox Chapel Head Coach (Finished top 10 in PA in 2017), previous PA and MD club coach; 10 years coaching experience

Summer Soccer Camp


We are teaming up again with Pittsburgh Soccer Academy to bring you a top-notch summer soccer camp run by former pros Stefan Lundberg and Rich Costanzo! We will also be teaming up with GK Icon to offer training for goalkeepers as well. There is a separate link for goalies to register through which we will include below.


Date: July 24th-27th
Time: 9:00-12:00PM
Address:559 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd, Tarentum, PA 15084 (Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills)

Field players register

Goalkeepers register


Please email us at info@legendsofpittsburghfitness.com with any questions!


My hybrid training program and my peers who influenced it



I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn from others. You must first drop the attitude that you know everything, and you must be willing to try new things or step out of your comfort zone. While I can list well-known weightlifters and others in the fitness industry who have had a positive impact on my training, its actually my peers who have shaped and helped me grow my knowledge and philosophy the most.

Before I dive into the specifics of my program, I want to call attention to these peers and give them their due respect and recognition. My program is a hybrid of weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, general athleticism, and pre-hab/mobility work. I’m going to begin with weightlifting and work my way on from there.

The first person I want to call attention to is Pittsburgh Riverhounds Director of Sports Science and Fast and Jacked co-founder Mike Whiteman. While I was with the Riverhounds, Mike would give me literature to read about weightlifting, including some of the most dense books on Russian/Bulgarian training systems. As a player, I had the luxury of hands-on training from Mike to help me hone in the basics of the snatch and clean and jerk. This was an extremely vital and helpful jumpstart to my love for weightlifting, but it was also Mike’s knowledge of speed mechanics and general athleticism that not only helped me in my own training but also helped mold the philosophy I use for training athletes today. Be it speed mechanics, squat mechanics, or power movements via med ball throws and jumps, I had all the tools I needed to begin molding my own athletes in the Legends of Pittsburgh and Fast and Jacked image!

Staying on weightlifting, the newest addition to our barbell club—Kevin Cornell—has had an immediate and huge impact on my training already. Having trained with some of the top dogs of USA weightlifting, namely Jon North and Donny Shankle, Kevin has been able to offer expert advice on form and what to implement into my training to fix some of my weaknesses. For example, the inclusion of pause cleans and pause jerks, jerks from blocks, etc. to prevent the bar from crashing down in the clean, and then focusing on separation in the jerk rather than trying to push it away. We couldn’t ask for a more experienced and knowledgeable weightlifter at our gym and I’m excited for what the future holds as we team up for seminars and growing the barbell club.

Next brings me to powerlifting, and my go-to guy for this is the other co-founder of Fast and Jacked Major Mason. Major has not only been competing in the sport for years, but he’s also owned his own gym and focuses on training clients of all levels. Having had a mild separated AC joint some years back after benching too heavy, Major’s guidance on proper benching form has been extremely helpful and has helped me to have pain-free shoulders while benching. He also helped me learn sumo-deadlift which was a big example of me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying an exercise I never implemented into my training previously.

Next on the list is bodybuilding, and what better guy to have around than IFBB Pro Seth Feroce! While the horizontal and vertical push/pull days in my program are influenced from Arnold, Seth is the one who introduced me to training technique I never heard of before—instinctive training. I suggest watching some of his “How to” videos filmed at our place from his brand “All-American Roughneck.” His descriptions of establishing a mind to muscle connection and focusing on hitting muscle groups from all different angles has been invaluable to my physique training. While I’m still a novice in the technique, I’ve already seen improved muscle gains from using it and am motivated to continue to hone in its effectiveness. Seth also introduced me to some very helpful pre-workout and intra-workout supplements from Blackstone Labs that have given a new fire to my workouts.

And then there is the other brother, the man who keeps me healthy and moving—chiropractor Jake Feroce! It’s hard to decide which is more noteworthy–Jake’s extensive knowledge of rehab, mobility, and injury prevention or his genuineness and willingness to help others. Regardless, its a perfect recipe to be the best chiropractor in the area, and my prediction is that he will be known for this in the near future (by more people than who already know it now!). Jake’s preventative maintenance and advice on correcting strength/body imbalances has allowed me to train at the top of my game every single week. Whether its adjustments, muscle work, stim, or showing me new mobility exercises, Jake is a vital part to my recovery and maintaining my health.

Which brings me to the last and most crucial peer influence—my brother Nick! Nick is the one who joins me in the quest to find what works and what doesn’t. He is always willing to try new routines, programs, etc. and its this willingness that keeps me motivated and hungry for more PR’s! Having someone to not only workout with daily but who shares in your training philosophy makes our garnering of new knowledge more efficient. We are both always discovering new and improved ways to lift heavy weight, and his passion for reading and learning from the best keeps my own learning process from becoming stagnant. Bouncing ideas off one another prevents us from getting stuck in our own heads about how to build a program and influences the other in trying new things one of us may have discovered.

So now I’m done with making these guys’ egos any bigger. Let’s dive into a 9 week sample of the program, separated by 3 separate blocks of 3 weeks. This is just a template for my hybrid programming, and it always leaves room open to build off the previous 3 week block by incorporating exercises and complexes to attack weaknesses.

3 week block (1)

Front squat 5-3-1 progression with back offs
Snatch pull + hang snatch 1RM
-20% snatch pull + hang snatch + 2OHS
Accessory legs/jumps/throws/core
10RM close-grip bench, -10% for 2×10
10RM barbell rows, -10% for 2×10
Horizontal push/pull and arms
Back squat 5RM, 3RM or 1RM
Clean pull + hang clean + jerk 1RM
-20% clean pull + hang clean + 3 jerks
Accessory legs/jumps/throws/core
10RM military press, -10% for 2×10
10RM pull-ups, -10% for 2×10
Vertical push/pull and arms
Clean and jerk 2RM
3 hang snatch pull + hang snatch + 2TNG snatch
Snatch- 2 waves
Back squat 90% of Wednesday’s RM—
3×5, 4×3, or 5×1
Thruster triples, clean first rep
Upper body circuit
3 week block (2)

Front squat 5-3-1 progression with back offs
Snatch + OHS x2 1RM
2 pause cleans at knee + pause jerk 1RM
1/6 contrast sets close-grip bench
1/6 contrast sets barbell rows
Horizontal push/pull and arms
Back squat 5RM, 3RM or 1RM
Clean + front squat + 2 jerks 1RM
Snatch 1RM
1/6 contrast sets military press
1/6 contrast sets pull-ups
Vertical push/pull and arms
Clean and jerk 1RM
5RM hang snatch
Back squat 80-90% of Wednesday’s RM—
3×5, 4×3, or 5×1
Bilateral farmers walk
Overhead bilateral kb lunges
3 week block (3)

Front squat 5-3-1 progression
Snatch + low hang snatch + 5 sec pause OHS
Clean with pause at the knee + pause jerk + clean + jerk
3×5 band resisted snatch pulls supersetted with throws and jumps
8RM close-grip bench with pause, -5%, -10% no pause
3×8 barbell pendlay rows
Horizontal push/pull accessory work
Back squat 5-3-1 progression
Snatch pull with pause at knee + snatch with pause at the knee + hang snatch 1RM
5RM clean from blocks
3×5 Band resisted clean pulls
8RM seated military press, -10% for 2×8 standing
2×10 pull-ups with pause, max set of pull-ups
Vertical push/pull accessory work
Snatch 1RM
Clean and jerk 1RM
Back squat 5-3-1 percentage work
Overhead axle carries
Max set of dips
A few things to note. First and foremost is the squat program I follow. I developed a 5-3-1 progression that I use with a lot of my athletes. How it works: week 1 of the block you hit a 5RM front squat on Monday. These are all daily rep maxes and not necessarily PR’s. If you hit a new 5RM PR, you do 1 back-off set at 90% of that weight. If you don’t hit a new 5RM, you do one back-off at 95% of that weight and then another at 90%. You do the same thing the following Monday for a 3RM and then the last week of the block is a 1RM.
For back squat, you hit either a 5RM, 3RM, or 1RM on the Wednesday of each block but with NO back-off sets. That Friday is when you do percentage work off whatever number you hit. You do 3×5, 3×3, or 3×1 at 80%, 85%, and 90% of the corresponding rep max. There is a variation of this program I alternate with that has pauses incorporated and will be happy to share that with anyone interested.
You’ll notice that the upper body days are only specific with the 2 main lifts at the beginning. That’s because I do instinctive training with the remaining accessory work and again would be more than happy to offer suggestions from exercises, rep ranges, etc., not to mention ideas about jump and throw combos that I use for demonstration of athleticism and power. I also incorporated accessory leg and core exercises not necessarily listed.
So that’s it! As far as a hybrid of all of the above-mentioned sports, this is very balanced program and I did my best to hit the best of all of them. Not included in these blocks is the deadlift program I followed in the previous 3 week block not listed here. I decided to focus more on clean/snatch pulls, good mornings, kang squats, and RDL’s for my posterior chain work. But will definitely add some deadlift variations back in.
The best way to train is to first know your goals. My goal is the best combination of strength, power, physique, and athleticism that I can manage. Because I don’t compete as a pro soccer player anymore or as a weightlifter or powerlifter, this program is ideal for me. If you do want to compete in a lifting sport or another sport, make sure the program is a little more specific and geared towards it than this one. But if your goal is to just get FAST and JACKED, give my program a shot. God bless and keep training like a legend!

Basketball Academy starting tomorrow!


Beginning tomorrow March 5th at 12pm, Legends of Pittsburgh will be home to Pittsburgh Basketball Academy led by Coach Ron McNabb (Coach Mack)

Ron is a local basketball legend, and his accomplishments include the following:

Head Basketball Coach-Knoch High School
Butler Eagle Coach of the Year 2013-14
Valley News Dispatch Coach of the Year 2001-02
Pittsburgh Post_gazette Coach of the Year 1984-85
Member of IUP Hall of Fame
Member of A-K Valley Hall of Fame
Starting Point Guard on Valley HS 1979 State Championship Basketball Team
All-Time Assist Leader at Valley HS
Have conducted Individual Workouts for Nolan Cressler-Vanderbilt Anthony Dallier-Yale Andrew Cressler-Pitt-Johnstown and many other Division 2 and Division 3 players-both men and women

The Academy will be conducted in groups of no more than 8 players to ensure lots of individual attention. Players can currently sign up to come up to 3 times a week during the following time-slots:

Wednesday: 5pm -615pm session 1, 615pm-730pm session 2

Saturday: 11am – 1215pm session 1, 1215pm-130pm session 2

Sunday: 1pm – 215pm session 1, 215pm -330pm session 2

*Note that the first session tomorrow will begin at 12pm instead of 11am

More sessions will be added if needed. and all times subject to change.

Contact Coach Mack at 724 882-2000 with any questions. Sign up in person at Legends of Pittsburgh or by calling the office at 724-895-3560

NEW CLASSES coming to Legends of Pittsburgh


Why do 50 to 60% of fitness center members drop out within six to nine months of joining? These are the reasons most commonly given:

1. Lack of motivation.

2. Lack of results.

3. Don’t know how to exercise effectively.

4. Boredom.

5. The intimidating atmosphere of the gym.

6. Lack of time.

7. Too expensive.

Reasons 1-5 can be legitimate. Reasons 6 and 7 are seldom true and more likely reflect the need for the person to re-evaluate his or her priorities.

We at Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness and Performance Center are doing something in response to all of these reasons why members quit exercising.

We are adding small group training classes that are adaptable to members of all ages and conditioning levels. These classes will educate you, motivate you, challenge you and help reshape you. On top of that, they are not expensive and do not require a great commitment of time. Most importantly, in no time you will be stronger, healthier and leaner.

As many of you know, Go For Broke Crossfit is located in the back of our facility. We are one of more than 10,000 affiliated Crossfit gyms worldwide. Crossfit is no longer a cult workout program for the super fit. These days, you will find everyone from elite athletes to stay at home moms engaging in the high intensity exercise program that has taken the fitness industry by storm.

But we understand that Crossfit is not for everyone. Some consider it too demanding, too intense or too intimidating. Others are interested primarily in strength training.

In response to this, beginning in January we are starting two new primary classes and one new secondary class.

First, we are starting what we call G.E.T. Fit (Group Exercise Training). We will do some of the same exercises found in Crossfit workouts, but our pace will be different and the classes briefer.

The trainer will incorporate kettlebells, medicine balls, bodyweight exercises, dumbells, rowers, assault bikes, etc. in a 45 minute fast paced, interval training session. No two classes will be the same. Some may use these classes as a springboard for Crossfit classes in the future, but most will be contented to stay in these classes indefinitely. The class is co-ed.

Secondly, we are starting small group strength training classes. This program will involve the fundamental barbell lifts: squat, deadlift, press, bench press, row and power clean. This program is designed for all levels of strength, as the loading and repetition parameters will be personalized for each participant. Small groups will allow for individualized attention and coaching. The primary focus is to develop absolute strength, which will make you better at just about every physical activity, from sports to daily life. Strength training will increase your bone density, improve your self-confidence and give you a lean physique. This class is also co-ed.

Thirdly, we are adding a secondary class. It compliments the Crossfit, G.E.T. Fit and strength classes. Thousands of exercisers worldwide have incorporated this program known as ROMWOD into their workout routine. It is typically a fifteen to twenty five minute program designed to increase your range of motion and accelerate your recovery from your more strenuous exercising.

Initially the new classes will be scheduled between 5:00 and 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. We will adjust these times and days as demand dictates.

The monthly Crossfit membership will remain at $99 per month, with those members also now free to join in any of the other classes.

Those wishing to have a basic membership, as well as unlimited access to G.E.T. Fit, strength training and ROMWOD classes will be charged $79 per month.

However, all the classes are FREE for all members in January of 2016! There is absolutely no obligation to continue in any of the classes after January. Even if you do not continue, you will have learned how to exercise more effectively and efficiently, so please give it a try.

There is one prerequisite. Before starting the classes, you must attend at least one “on ramp” class. This will allow our trainers to explain the classes more fully and teach you the basic exercises so that you can safely begin the classes. At that time, you and the trainer will determine whether you need more than the initial on ramp class to prepare for the regular class. Additionally, at that time you will be scheduled with a trainer for a brief assessment of your current health and specific goals. The on ramp classes and initial assessment are free of charge. You will also have an option at that point for a much more in depth assessment with our on site chiropractor, Dr. Jake Feroce. Dr. Feroce will be at the on ramp classes and at the initial assessments to explain in more detail what this would entail and what the fee would be if you choose this option.

The classes themselves will begin on Monday, January 17, 2016 and will be free through the end of January. The exact schedule will be posted at a later date.

The on ramp classes will be held on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 4:30 p.m., Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. and Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

You are not required to pre-register for the on ramp classes. Participants will meet in the back of the facility near the Crossfit area. Please contact us with any questions, or if none of these times are convenient for you. We would be happy to schedule you at an alternate time.

It’s time to change your life! Let us help.


Striker/Goalkeeper Clinic Dec. 29th!

 Striker / Goalkeeper Clinic @ Legends of Pittsburgh (December 29 from 2:00 – 5:00):  Legends of Pittsburgh and GK Icon are partnering to offer a three hour Striker / Goalkeeper clinic.  The first 90 minutes will be devoted to the technical aspects of the players respective positions.  Strikers will work with the Legends of Pittsburgh staff on the finer points of shooting while all goalkeepers will work with GK Icon on the finer points of shot stopping.  The second 90 minutes will be devoted to having the strikers practice their refined skills on the goalkeepers; who will be doing the same.  Expect a LOT of touches, shots and saves!

Strikers will primarily focus on proper shooting technique, power, accuracy, shots at angles, and different shot types (volleys, half-volleys, striking with different parts of the foot, shots off of the dribble, etc.).

Goalkeepers will primarily focus on positioning, shot handling, catching, angle play, diving, and prying.

Details Include:

            Who: Boys/Girls aged 7 – 18.

Where: Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness, 559 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd, Tarentum, PA 15084

When: Tuesday, December 29 from 2:00 – 5:00

            Cost: $50

To Register: Contact Erik Eisenhut at (781.424.3028 or erik@gkicon.com)

ATTENTION ALL ATHLETES: We now offer 2 different programs to get you stronger and faster

Attention all athletes ages 8-18+ years old,Starting this November we will be offering two separate programs to get you stronger and faster—-SSS soccer and Legends Speed School. SSS soccer is our advanced training system for soccer players that focuses on improvement on not only speed and strength, but soccer skills as well. We have revamped the program this year with longer sessions, more coaches, and an improved training philosophy and curriculum. SSS soccer now includes an entirely separate program for goalkeepers that will be conducted at the same time as the field player sessions. Since last winter we have added another turfed field and are in the process of adding a sport court surface and another strength training area.The Legends Speed school is open to athletes of EVERY sport. Training will include sprint mechanics, full body functional strengthening, power output, plyometrics, conditioning, and speed and agility drills. This is an all inclusive program that will help athletes develop the strength and speed necessary to take their games to the next level. Sessions will be run by former professional soccer player Stefan Lundberg and professional baseball player Matt Ianazzo. Matt has also begun doing private and small group baseball lessons at our facility. For information on private lessons please email Matt at iannazzo.pitching1@gmail.com

We will be holding open house dates at the end of this month for athletes to try out the SSS soccer and/or the Legends Speed School.

Here are the times and dates for SSS soccer:

3 Open House Training Sessions (October 27, 28 and 29, 6:00 . 7:30 p.m.) . Introduction to Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness and Performance Center.s new partnership with GK Icon Pittsburgh

Legends Speed School:

2 Open House Training Sessions (October 26th and 28th 5-6pm)

Beginning the first week of November the SSS soccer schedule will be the following:

Times/Days: 6:00 . 7:30. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Older, Experienced Players

6:00 . 6:45 = Strength and Speed Training
6:45 . 7:30 = Goalkeeper Training or Field Player Foot Skills Training
Younger, Intermediate Players

6:00 . 6:45 = Goalkeeper Training or Field Player Foot Skills Training
6:45 . 7:30 = Skills, Strength and Speed Training

Cost: $150/month includes the opportunity to train 3 days a week, 90 minutes a day

For more information see our website at http://legendsofpittsburghfitness.com/class-training/sss-soccer-training/

Beginning the first week of November the Legends Speed School will be the following:

Days: Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays 5pm-6pm for ages 8-18+*

*Groups will be split up according to age


Cost: $120/month with the opportunity to train up to 3 days a week

To register for either of these programs, please call us at 724-895-3560. Although registration is ongoing throughout the year, REGISTER EARLY TO SAVE YOUR SPOT! We are excited for the opportunity to help the area’s athletes reach their full potential.

-Legends staff

email: info@legendsofpittsburghfitness.com

OPEN HOUSE DATES FOR SSS SOCCER—revamped and improved!

3 Open House Training Sessions (October 27, 28 and 29, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.) – Introduction to Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness and Performance Center’s new partnership with GK Icon Pittsburgh.

This partnership will combine Legends’ Skills, Strength and Speed training program with GK Icon’s advanced goalkeeper training curriculum.  The partnership is designed to combine Legend’s high level skills and fitness program with GK Icon’s goalkeeper specific training.  We aim to build upon each player’s foundation by utilizing advanced training methods designed to improve upon field players and now goalkeeper’s physical, technical, tactical, and psychological abilities which are needed to succeed in today’s game. Going forward, this training program will now accommodate the needs of goalkeepers and field players at all ages (8 – 18) and skill levels, from beginner to college prospects.  For a monthly fee, goalkeepers and field players have the opportunity to train up to 3 days a week, 90 minutes each day……18 total hours of training a month!!!

Training GoalsEvery session will include 45 minutes of strength, speed, and agility training as well as 45 minutes of foot skills for field players or high level training for goalkeepers of all abilities to get them to their next level (club, high school, and college).  We will test all students’ strength, speed, and abilities while guiding them through the essential techniques required to be a successful soccer player.  In doing so, we challenge every student physically while instilling a more sophisticated understanding of the game of soccer.

Training ApproachAll training sessions will teach, demonstrate, and allow all players to practice the proper soccer techniques.  This will include a “tell, show, do” training approach.  First, we tell/instruct the player.  We will then demonstrate how to do all techniques properly (as well as exercises).  Finally, the player will apply the learnings.

Training Topics:  Training topics will include strength, speed, agility training, and foot skills.  For goalkeepers, topics will include service, body shape, catching at all height levels, low ball diving, medium ball diving, crosses/highballs, angle play, distribution, and communication.

Formal Evaluations:  Trainer(s) will supply feedback on all training topics and formal, written evaluations will be given to each player (parents) as well as to their club team’s coach (optional).

Training Details:

Dates: November – March (5 months)

Times/Days: 6:00 – 7:30.  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Older, Experienced Players

  • 6:00 – 6:45 = Strength and Speed Training
  • 6:45 – 7:30 = Goalkeeper Training or Field Player Foot Skills Training

Younger, Intermediate Players

  • 6:00 – 6:45 = Goalkeeper Training or Field Player Foot Skills Training
  • 6:45 – 7:30 = Skills, Strength and Speed Training

Cost: $150/month includes the opportunity to train 3 days a week, 90 minutes a day

Location: Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness, Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, 559 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd, Tarentum PA

Please call 724-895-3560 to register!