Jr. American Ninja Warrior Course

The course focuses on 10 basic physical skills:

Balance * Running * Crawling * Jumping * Climbing * Traversing * Lifting * Carrying * Throwing and Catching *Basic Self-Defense & Unstructured Play

Open Gym Schedule beginning April 29th 2019:


Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm-7pm*

*Times subject to change for rentals/events. Email or call us ahead of time to find out about any schedule changes.

ANY AGE. Child must be accompanied by an adult. 

Cost: $35 a month or $10 drop-in

For more information call us at 724-895-3560 or email us at info@legendsofpittsburghfitness.com 

To use the course, please email us at info@legendsofpittsburghfitness.com or call 724-895-3560 prior to coming. Stop at the reception desk upon arrival to check in.