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ATTENTION ALL ATHLETES: We now offer 2 different programs to get you stronger and faster

Attention all athletes ages 8-18+ years old,Starting this November we will be offering two separate programs to get you stronger and faster—-SSS soccer and Legends Speed School. SSS soccer is our advanced training system for soccer players that focuses on improvement on not only speed and strength, but soccer skills as well. We have revamped the program this year with longer sessions, more coaches, and an improved training philosophy and curriculum. SSS soccer now includes an entirely separate program for goalkeepers that will be conducted at the same time as the field player sessions. Since last winter we have added another turfed field and are in the process of adding a sport court surface and another strength training area.The Legends Speed school is open to athletes of EVERY sport. Training will include sprint mechanics, full body functional strengthening, power output, plyometrics, conditioning, and speed and agility drills. This is an all inclusive program that will help athletes develop the strength and speed necessary to take their games to the next level. Sessions will be run by former professional soccer player Stefan Lundberg and professional baseball player Matt Ianazzo. Matt has also begun doing private and small group baseball lessons at our facility. For information on private lessons please email Matt at iannazzo.pitching1@gmail.com

We will be holding open house dates at the end of this month for athletes to try out the SSS soccer and/or the Legends Speed School.

Here are the times and dates for SSS soccer:

3 Open House Training Sessions (October 27, 28 and 29, 6:00 . 7:30 p.m.) . Introduction to Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness and Performance Center.s new partnership with GK Icon Pittsburgh

Legends Speed School:

2 Open House Training Sessions (October 26th and 28th 5-6pm)

Beginning the first week of November the SSS soccer schedule will be the following:

Times/Days: 6:00 . 7:30. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Older, Experienced Players

6:00 . 6:45 = Strength and Speed Training
6:45 . 7:30 = Goalkeeper Training or Field Player Foot Skills Training
Younger, Intermediate Players

6:00 . 6:45 = Goalkeeper Training or Field Player Foot Skills Training
6:45 . 7:30 = Skills, Strength and Speed Training

Cost: $150/month includes the opportunity to train 3 days a week, 90 minutes a day

For more information see our website at http://legendsofpittsburghfitness.com/class-training/sss-soccer-training/

Beginning the first week of November the Legends Speed School will be the following:

Days: Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays 5pm-6pm for ages 8-18+*

*Groups will be split up according to age


Cost: $120/month with the opportunity to train up to 3 days a week

To register for either of these programs, please call us at 724-895-3560. Although registration is ongoing throughout the year, REGISTER EARLY TO SAVE YOUR SPOT! We are excited for the opportunity to help the area’s athletes reach their full potential.

-Legends staff

email: info@legendsofpittsburghfitness.com

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