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9/9/14 – Squat cycle RESULTS

Squat cycle RESULTS

By: Stefan

For those of you who followed our last post about the 8 week squat cycle we did, the results we saw were phenomenal for such a short period of time.

For Nick, here are his lift improvements, starting with his old max before the cycle and his new max after. His body weight is 185lbs.

Squat: 335 to 345

Squat clean: 260 to 265 (with almost getting 275)

Front squat: 255 to 285

Jerk press: 235 to 265

Snatch: 170 to 185

Here are the improvements I made. My body weight is 165lbs (Note: I went after a few other PRs that Nick didn’t try so the list is a little longer)

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8/6/14 – Train like a LEGEND—Squat cycle

Train like a LEGEND—Squat cycle

By: Stefan

We’ve had many requests to post some of our own training routines. Nick and I generally do 4-8 week cycles, so we will begin to post our training regimen at the beginnning of each cycle.

We are currently doing a 6 day split for 8 weeks. The goal of this cycle is to improve our squat, as the squat is crucial to improving snatches and clean and jerks (which happen to be our favorite exercises). We are following a squat protocol from a great website called t-nation.com, “the Daily Squat Cure“. The rest of the cycle is filled with various compound movements and lifts for full-body strength. Here’s the weekly breakdown:

Monday: back squat and snatch

Tuesday: jerk press, military press, and weighted chin-ups

Wednesday: front squat and squat cleans

Thursday: weighted dips and dumbbell Kroc rows

Friday: back squat and deadlift

Saturday: close-grip bench and bent-over rows

Sunday: rest

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11/6/13 – Soccer Shots is coming to Legends of Pittsburgh!

Soccer Shots is coming to Legends of Pittsburgh!

Soccer shots is bringing you an 8-week winter season for all children 2-5 yrs old. Register now – classes fill quickly. Register Online:  www.soccershots.org/pittsburgh

Soccer Shots® is a uniquely designed program that will introduce soccer to your child in a fun, safe, and controlled environment.  Each week, we offer 30 to 35 minute soccer sessions where we teach basic soccer skills, fun games, and healthy competition to your child.  Our program also emphasizes character-forming lessons such as fair team play, individual concentration, cooperation, and encouragement.

Who:               All children ages: 2-3 and 3-5.

Where:           Pittsburgh Mills-Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness and Performance Center (near Macy’s)-Pittsburgh Mills                           Circle Tarentum, PA 15084

When:             Tuesdays starting Jan. 14th: 5:30pm or 6:15pm

 Saturdays starting Jan. 11th: 10:00am or 10:45am

Cost:               $85/ 8-week season-Includes Certificate of Participation and end of the season prize. 

How:               Register online: www.soccershots.org/pittsburgh

                        Click the “Register Now” button and select  Park Program-Cheswick/Harwick-Pittsburgh Mills  

Contact:         Anthony@soccershots.org / 724-705-5044

10/24/13 – Presales begin Monday 10-28-13! Receive 50% off your first month

Presales begin Monday 10-28-13! Receive 50% off your first month

We will begin pre-sales Monday from 11-1pm and 5-7pm inside the mall outside of our future space which is currently the Expo Mart. We will post times daily to let you know when we will be there. Why join early? You will receive 50% off your first month! If you can’t join in person, call our number listed at the top of the page.