These classes are only $15 extra PER MONTH for members for unlimited classes! Classes include various combinations of strength training and cardio to ensure members get a balanced and effective workout. All fitness levels are welcome. Take advantage and let us help you on your journey to GetFit!

Now available: 1 health assessment per month with Dr. Jake Feroce of Three Rivers Performance Chiropractic for only $5




Cardio:  20-30 minutes of varying means of high intensity interval training—a more effective way to lose fat and a more efficient way to maximize  your cardiovascular capacity.

Strength:  30-45 minutes of critical strength training that not only increases your muscular strength, but maintains your bone mass, speeds up your metabolism and improves your balance.

Monday: 6:30pm

Tuesday: 6:00pm

Wednesday: 6:00pm

Thursday: 6pm

Friday: 5:30pm

Saturday: 10:00am