SSS Soccer Training: Speed, strength, and skill

What good is a skilled player who lacks speed and strength? And what good is a strong athlete who lacks skill? SSS Soccer School makes sure to cover all 3 of these pillars which are the main facets of the game. Work with experienced and professional players in our state-of-the-art athlete training gym and turfed area. Every session will include strength training, speed/agility training, and soccer skill work with the ball. This is the complete package—which is exactly what we turn you into! 

Legends SSS Soccer School has partnered with GK Icon’s advanced goalkeeper training to provide coverage of the 3 main facets of the game for both field players and goalies. The partnership combines Legends’ high-level skills and fitness program with GK Icon’s goalkeeper specific training. Building on each player’s foundation using advanced training methods to improve the physical, technical, tactical, and psychological abilities needed to succeed in today’s game.

Beginning June 2019,, train with former professional players Stefan Lundberg, David Flavius and Sergio Kobowane, premier coaches Erik Eisenhut, Mark Duffield and  Dave Richmond, and elite speed and strength trainers Nick Lundberg and Anthony Cellitti. See their bios here

Each 90-minute session includes 45 minutes of strength, speed, and agility training and 45 minutes of foot skills for field players or training for goalkeepers of all abilities to get them to their next level. We test all students’ strength, speed, and abilities and guide them through the essential techniques to be a successful player. We challenge every student while instilling a better understanding of the game of soccer.

For 2x a week training, the price is $250 for the 2 month program and 1x a week is $160 for the 2 month program.

Summer Schedule from June 17th  through August 14th:

Monday: 6-7:30pm

Wednesday: 6-7:30pm

Ages 8-18+ welcome! Players will be grouped according to age and skill development.

*If you choose the 1x a week training option you are not locked in to only Mondays or only Wednesdays. You can pick whichever day is best for you each week.

Register at the link below! Spots fill up quickly so reserve one right away. You can also stop in during staffed hours or call 724-895-3560 to register! Email Stefan at

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Train like a legend, become a legend