Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness and Performance Center

KYLE WALTERS—Legends of Pittsburgh’s newest trainer!

We are excited to announce the addition of Kyle Walters to our training staff!

Kyle is a Board Certified Nutritional Specialist who holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Pgh. With 25 years of experience in professional fitness training he is one of the leading experts in weight management in the area. Kyle individualizes eating and training plans to clients needs to create a constant state of progression and healthy change. He has worked with 12 clients who have lost 100 lbs non surgically and trained 10 athletes who have won pro cards in fitness. In Kyle’s personal career he has competed in athletics through college and in his adult life competed in 16 fitness contests winning his open weight class 11 times and the overall title 5 times and had won pro cards in both bodybuilding and classic physique. We are excited to design a positive program for you to achieve your fitness goals.


Check out two of his clients 100# weight loss transformations!

Book an appointment today with Kyle by calling him at 412-537-7734

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